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The old dragon and the baby


The following is a copy of the post I made yesterday on the new The Primatives Official Website  All part of my effort to keep all my stuff as together as possible. As always, Thanks to the friends of The Primatives for all your support.

Bhot Accha, You Found UsPosted on September 16, 2010 by jesse s. hanson

Bhot Accha, you found us.
Just developing this site. I’m planning for this to be the main outlet for info and updates re: The Primatives

I’ve put our CD’s on the home page and will be getting some audio samples of our music on there soon, as well.  Also due to popular demand, and because I want to anyway, there will be a lyrics page, and/or pages.

This page will be the place to go for updates on Primatives happenings. Hope you’ll check in once in awhile and see what we’re up to. 

Just for the record and for those not really familiar with us, The members of the band are: my wife, Lilasuka (Joy) Hanson (silver flute, vocals, mrdanga, and other percussion), Jack Huston (electric bass and vocals), myself Jesse S. Hanson (guitars, vocals, songwriting), and on a really good day, when she’s not completely overwhelmed with work as and auto mechanic and the rest of her life, our daughter, Audrey Hanson (djembe and vocals).  

The band has been pretty busy of late, with performances at the New Vrindavn cmmunity in West Virginia. Also played our annual Rock the Quarry benefit for The Panhandle Trail in Collier Township, just outside of Pittsburgh. That was cool, as it gave us a chance to reconnect with the Donoughe family from Mount Lebanon, who we hadn’t seen for some time since the closing of our two haunts, The Coffee Den in Mount Lebanon, and The Inspiration Cafe in Washington, PA.

Personally, as many of you know, I’ve gotten my novel, Song of George: Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man, which you can take a look by clicking on the following link:  published with All Things That Matter Press and so I’ve been spending a ton of time promoting that. Along with that I’ve been recording another wonderful album of Heritage Songs for Jordan Umbach in my BlueHome Recording studio. Getting close to done with the recording part of that and moving into the mixing. It is going to be a rather spare album, instrumentally, which is great because it will show Jordan’s songwriting in it’s best light to date, in my opinion.

I’ve finally begun writing some new songs, and I’m continuing to write fiction and poetry. There’s really not enough time in a day -certainly not enough in a lifetime. Well, it’s all just going through so many motions anyway. As far as I’m concerned, my most important work is my spiritual practices and deepening my relationship with my Spiritual Master. It’s the hardest work, but the most rewarding.          

Signing off for now, this is your webmaster wanna be,  jesse s. hanson

Primitive Spirit - The Primatives available on CD Baby

Hopefully visitors to my blog  are by now aware that I have a book, but perhaps there are those who don’t know that I am also a songwriter/musician – was one long before I was lucky enough to be picked up as an author by All Things That Matter Press. My music has been sort of back-burner lately, due to the mechanics of getting the book ready and then working to get the word out that it exists. Well, to borrow from the Blues Brothers,  though they’re certainly not the first to use the phrase, only the most famous, “We’re getting the band back together”.

Soooo… , in an effort to simplify my life I’ve decided to include promo for my band The Primatives here on my blog with everything else. The following is the message I sent out  this last Friday for upcoming Primatives events.

Dear friends and fans of The Primatives. We’re not dead, but have only been sleeping. Well, not exactly sleeping – very busy actually with all manner of things that have kept us from performing.
Anyway, we’re coming back to life this weekend and the next. Tomorrow night, Aug. 21st,  we’re at The Palace in New Vrndavn, WV. We’ll be one of two opening acts for Devananda Pandit and his band. It’ll be a great evening of spiritually inspired folk music that rocks, no doubt about that. The Primatives go on at 7:45 pm as we first back up story teller extraordinare, Sankirtana Das, then The Primatives, then Krypamaya das & Caitanya Bhagavat das
The Devananda show begins at 8:35.
Then next Saturday, Aug. 28th The Primatives return to the annual Rock The Quarry benefit for The Panhandle Trail in Collier Township, just outside of Pittsburgh. The Primatives have been somewhat of an institution at this event over the last years. We go on at 4:20 PM. Southern rock band Toast is the featured band of the evening (the event actually starts Friday and ends Saturday night.) Our friend Jordan Umbach starts the day off at noon.

If you have the time and the inclination, I’ve attached a flyer in PDF format with the entire schedule of the 2 day long Rock The Quarry event.

Hope to see you, Hope you’re all having a good summer,   Jesse and Lilasuka (The Primatives)
Click here 2010 RTQ Flyer to view the flyer.

Jesse S. Hanson’s spiritual fiction novel

Jesse S. Hanson's spiritual fiction novel

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