about my writing

I am a North Dakota (rural Midwest USA) native, writer/musician, currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. I’ve also lived for a considerable time in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and briefly in the Southwest (USA). So I suppose restlessness is a part of my nature. I’m never quite at home anywhere in the world. And that is part of why spirituality is the focus of all my writing.

My novel, Song of George: Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man, was published with All Things That Matter Press in July, 2010. Personally, I have no credentials, other than life itself, which I’ve noticed, has a certain poetic intensity.

Anyway I write, I always have. My wife, Lilasuka (pronounced Leelashooka) and I are part-time performing folk/rock musicians in the greater Pittsburgh and West Virginia Panhandle area. Our band, The Primatives, for which I am the songwriter and guitar player, has two CD’s: “The Lovers of Kali Yuga” and “Primitive Spirit”.

My spiritual allegory, Song of George/Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man, is about a man with a severe form of mental illness and an addictive personality, who is somehow elevated to a very high spiritual status. He is subsequently saddled with responsibility for the unfortunate souls with which he is mutually incarcerated in the psychiatric unit of a modern Federal Prison.

I’m currently working on a 2nd novel, tentatively titled, The Cynic Kings of Enderlin. I’m also compiling a collection of some of my song lyrics and poetry to publish as a collection.

I thank you for stopping to read, and I hope you’ll find an interest in taking a closer look at some of my work,     jesse