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 Continuing with this blogging series about the authors at All Things That Matter Press: this week’s featured author is Elizaveta Ristrova. Elizabeth has lead and contuinues to lead a very unique and interesting life. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about her and that these author blogs may inspire some of you to consider purshasing books by small press authors as the holiday season arrives. As we’ve seen, ATTMP offers a noteable variety of reading choices. The writers come from very diverse backgrounds and there is really no way to pigeon-hole them into any particular genre or category.

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“Just who is Elizaveta Ristrova, anyway?”

 With her balance of misanthropy and anthropological curiosity, author Elizaveta Ristrova travels around the world in search of interesting material. Her books consider the significance of religion, clashes between races and culture, the relationships between humans and the environment, and the creation and unravelling of human relationships. She keeps a day-job as a lawyer, focusing on environmental and international development issues.
We in Pieces, Tales from Arctic Alaska, arose from her years living 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. There, she interviewed community leaders regarding traditional knowledge, cut and served whale despite being vegetarian, and read every issue of the local newspaper dating back to the 1960s. Writing was a great way to fill the three months of darkness each year.
Ristrova hails from south Louisiana and currently finds herself in Makati City, the Manhattan of the Philippines. She likes singing the blues, dancing tango, making soy brownies, creating kindergarten-style art, and proselytizing about the environment. Her previous books include Taking off My Sweater, Something Short of Salvation, and Small Fish in a Small Pond.
We in Pieces is available at Pictures of the nineteen characters in the book and a diagram of the relationships between them are at

Welcome to the third post, featuring some of my fellow authors from All Things That Matter Press. Today we have Salvatore Buttaci, a master of the short story. Sal’s a very friendly and gregarious fellow with lots of energy and creativity, so he’s always coming up with new material.

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Just who is Salvatore Buttaci anyway?

A retired teacher since 2007, I spend much of my leisure time writing and submitting my poems and stories for publication. It’s not something new to me. I’ve been writing and promoting my work since my first publication in 1957 at age 16. It was an essay entitled “Presidential Timber” which was published in the Sunday New York News.
Writing has always been my favorite pastime. I enjoy the excitement of writing down the first draft. I even like the work required, delivering that first draft to a final one after revising and editing. With every completed poem or story, article or novel, I feel a grand satisfaction. Ironically, though I love words, I cannot adequately express the joy that writing brings me. That unexpressed joy seems to be the driving force that keeps me writing. A strong believer in a God Who gives us all certain talents to use and develop, I thank Him for His gift by writing everyday.
I had spent a good number of happy years teaching writing skills to middle-school and college students. To become writers, I explained to them, they needed to learn the skills of language, make use of the imagination, practice writing daily, build their own self-confidence, and submit their work for publication. Many of those students are still writing today. I meet them on Facebook all the time.
Of course, I follow my own good advice. I know that the writing craft, like any craft, requires knowledge, practice, and action. I keep myself involved in writing projects so that I am always learning, practicing, and promoting my work to those I feel confident would enjoy reading my poems or stories in journals and on the Internet, as well as those book buyers who are looking for their brand of reading pleasure.
In addition to writing, I am an avid reader of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I believe reading and writing go hand in hand. After all, I never met an author who seriously claimed he or she never spends any time reading a book. As for readers, I have heard many speak of the book inside them they hope one day to write.
Some of my other interests include studying languages and history, doing volunteer work at church, and spending as much time as I can with my wife Sharon, my life’s greatest inspiration. Since my retirement, the two of us live in “Almost-heaven” West Virginia and are loving it.
What do I most love to write? Inspired by the comic books of my 1950s youth, I have been writing flash fiction for more than half a century. Short-short stories under 1,000 words appeal to me, just as they appeal to so many readers out there who search the Net or for flash collections and anthologies. Flash fiction reflects our modern times in the sense that society moves at a faster pace and readers looking for a complete story can find it in as little as three pages of a book. It is the quick read, the fast tale, one of many desserts in a literary buffet. And because the stories are short-short, a reader can return to them and re-read them again and again.
In 2010, All Things That Matter Press published my first collection of short-short stories Flashing My Shorts. The book, as well as Kindle edition, contains 164 flash-fiction stories that run the gamut from A to Z,  adventure stories to zany stories and all other genres in between.
In 2011, ATTMP also published my second flash collection 200 Shorts.
I know there are many flash collections out there. I also know how difficult it is for book buyers to decide which of those collections to purchase. As the author, I suppose it would be politically incorrect for me to climb up on a soapbox and try to persuade you to buy my two books. However, judging from customer comments and reviews at and elsewhere, I would say you would not be disappointed. The stories will stay with you long after you have read them. I wrote them all with that intention in mind.
200 Shorts Kindle Edition: Print Edition:
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Flashing My Shorts
Amazon. com Print Edition: Kindle Edition   

Some folks know, Lilasuka and I have plans (informal ones, I mean, not blueprints) for a house on our little piece of property in West Virginia. Although, completely realizeable, God willing, it has taken on the status of a dream house to some extent. I wrote a little poem about it, which is the subject of this post. Since the house does not exist yet, except in our minds and hearts, I’ve included a picture of/from the site of the house to be in twilight.

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O House
jesse s. hanson

O house of our future, upon the hill
I’ve sat in you, perfectly still on a fair day
with the sun going easily across the sky
and sometimes I wonder
as the soft bundled clouds go strolling by, I tag along
remembering, forgetting, as I please

Yet, now I’m on my knees
they call this longing, love
I hope that’s what it is­—and that it’s not an end in itself
because the appetite of the world is a dragon of lust and violence,
anxiety and madness
and I have this eternal, ageless longing
and I’m ultimately defenseless
and I’m so afraid that it’s all endless

In our house that sits among the stars
where we belong, where we are on a quiet night
your voice and mine sound good and true
our hearts full of wonder
listening to the night birds tender song, and to you singing along
thoughtful, hopeful, part of it all

Later, crying out
It’s just a dream; you had a bad dream
But, wasn’t it so all along—with every moment flitting by?
There’ll be nothing left, because nothing ever really was but entertaining
scenes, so well contrived, we’re just the dead that are alive
What seems most real is the awful heartache
that, with tears of sympathy, survives
so sadly watching, twas never born and never died

O house of dreams, made for children
a place to play, a little buildin’, in the morning sun
dress up and dress down, I hear you chant and I meditate
is it any wonder
the teapot’s whistling, “It’s not too late!”: more to it than fate
keep remembering—always—don’t forget

My first blog: if Momma could see me now

jesse s. hanson here. i’m a writer. Been writing all my life, mostly songs. Some of you might actually be familiar with some of those. No big success but i’d say i’m fortunate to have some respect that way, from those familiar with my work. Two self-released CD’s out there with The Primatives: “The Lovers of Kali Yuga” and “Primative Spirit”. Check em out. You can find em at CD baby. We’re on myspace at .

But that’s not why i’m here blogging. Nope. The reason i’m here blogging is that i have written a novel. It’s called “Song of George/Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man”. And it’s going to be published to boot. And by a very fine publisher, at that: All Things That Matter Press. They’re remarkable in that they focus on spiritually inspired work. You can find them at: With a fine group of very talented authors and a smart forward thinking promotional scheme… well, just go to their website if you want to get some idea of how well they’re doing.

Regarding my novel, “Song of George/Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man” is about a man with a severe form of mental illness and an addictive personality, who is somehow elevated to a very high spiritual status. He is subsequently saddled with responsibility for the unfortunate souls with which he is mutually incarcerated in the psychiatric unit of a modern Federal Prison.

Being new at the blog, i think i’ll stop here, for now. Best wishes to all in a troubled, yet awe inspiring world. jesse s. hanson

Jesse S. Hanson’s spiritual fiction novel

Jesse S. Hanson's spiritual fiction novel

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