Continuing with this blogging series about the authors at All Things That Matter Press: this week’s featured author is Elizaveta Ristrova. Elizabeth has lead and contuinues to lead a very unique and interesting life. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about her and that these author blogs may inspire some of you to consider purshasing books by small press authors as the holiday season arrives. As we’ve seen, ATTMP offers a noteable variety of reading choices. The writers come from very diverse backgrounds and there is really no way to pigeon-hole them into any particular genre or category.

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“Just who is Elizaveta Ristrova, anyway?”

 With her balance of misanthropy and anthropological curiosity, author Elizaveta Ristrova travels around the world in search of interesting material. Her books consider the significance of religion, clashes between races and culture, the relationships between humans and the environment, and the creation and unravelling of human relationships. She keeps a day-job as a lawyer, focusing on environmental and international development issues.
We in Pieces, Tales from Arctic Alaska, arose from her years living 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. There, she interviewed community leaders regarding traditional knowledge, cut and served whale despite being vegetarian, and read every issue of the local newspaper dating back to the 1960s. Writing was a great way to fill the three months of darkness each year.
Ristrova hails from south Louisiana and currently finds herself in Makati City, the Manhattan of the Philippines. She likes singing the blues, dancing tango, making soy brownies, creating kindergarten-style art, and proselytizing about the environment. Her previous books include Taking off My Sweater, Something Short of Salvation, and Small Fish in a Small Pond.
We in Pieces is available at Pictures of the nineteen characters in the book and a diagram of the relationships between them are at