The following is a guest post by my author friend, Vishoka dasa, who is a great devotee of his mentor, Jayananda Thakur. I’ve read his book, The Beautiful life of Jayanada Thakur, and was very impressed by the style as well as the sincerity. Vishoka is currently working on a follow-up to that work, and I am fortunate to be helping with the line editing.

Vishoka ji began his years in the Hare Krishna movement at the temple in San Francisco during the early 1970’s, and Jayananda dasa was their leader, as they worshiped Krishna and did Guru Bhakti to their spiritual Master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  a resident of the New Vrindavan Krishna Community near Moundsville, WV.

At the end of the post are links to Vishoka’s writings and to websites in memory of Jayananda dasa and to Srila Prabhupada.

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Jayandanda Thakur

Worldwide popular author endorses Krishna and the Vedas:

Dan Brown stunned the literary world with his global phenomena, “The Da Vinci Code,” with off-the-charts book sales all over the world. Brown is well known for his towering IQ and genius penmanship, and being a Harvard grad, his scientific vision is highly regarded by his readers. 

His next novel, “The Lost Symbol” has been eagerly received by fans over the world. In chapter 15 he makes major scientific postulations that “we have barely scratched the surface of our mental and spiritual capabilities,” and, “the scientific wisdom of the ancients was staggering … modern physics is only now beginning to comprehend it all,” and, ”there will come a day when modern science begins in earnest to study the wisdom of the ancients … that will be the day that mankind begins to find answers to the big questions that still elude him.”

In his narrative, Brown references Krishna and His Bhagavad-gita and the Upanisads. A comment is made by his female character, Katherine, that Krishna and Vyasa did not mention “multidimensional cosmological models.” Perhaps so, the reason being that the ancient authors of the Vedas were not really concerned with the material world, but they gave extensive and detailed descriptions of the spiritual world, which is a multidimensional world of ultimate importance to mankind.

To give a crude example; a man reads a vacation brochure which describes an idyllic countryside with a lake full of swans and lotus flowers, and towering snow topped mountains in the horizon. And so the man books his vacation and travels by train through the mountains. On his way he is delayed at some train station, wherein the custodian, who works there, is fascinated with the station and he tells the vacationer all about the captivating details of the infrastructure of the station. He narrates of how some master architect designed the many intricate facets and nooks and crannies of the structure, and how incredibly interesting it all is. And so the custodian is going on and on about the glories of the terminal station, and meanwhile the traveler just listens in a polite mood, but he doesn’t really care at all, because he is meditating on his destination which has superior qualities of many natural and beautiful wonders.

In the same way, the ancients in the Vedic tradition were not so interested in the complexities of the material world, which are in themselves very fascinating. Rather, they were mesmerized by the matchless wondrous details of the spiritual worlds, which are extensively described by the great teachers of Vedic truths to be the true goal of human perfection. The Vedic texts describe the material world as being the inferior nature, and the spiritual worlds as being the superior nature.

Unbeknownst to author Dan Brown, and hoping he will become aware of someday, is the erudite commentary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta on the ancient text of “Sri Brahma-samhita,” wherein the descriptions of the material world and the multi-faceted glories of the spiritual worlds are given in great detail, and which there is mention of multi-dimensional attributes of such worlds.

Krishna and His Vedas do not touch upon the modern physicist’s hot topics of the day, which are theories of postulations that may be true, or may not be true. Reason being, they do not hold such topics as being very important information for mankind. What is really important information, that which is promulgated by Krishna and the Vedic scriptures, is the crucial fact of ultimate knowledge … being that we are spiritual beings separate from our material bodies … and we are constantly transmigrating from one body to another, and suffering in this material world, with fewer material pleasures. The highest goal of life, in their opinion, is to factually realize this spiritual information via the aid of a bona-fide spiritual master, and reach our real home in the spiritual sky. Knowledge of the physics of the material world will not help us in our ultimate journey back to the spiritual world of Lord Krishna’s abode.

Hare Krishna ys Vishoka dasa.

More commentary –

The trick is to catch the train that goes straight back to the mountain resort [the spiritual world], but some of us get distracted at the train station, thinking the station is important business. So many trains come and go, but we get sidetracked at the gift shop or food court or arcadia room and other sense gratifications. A tendency is to try to fix station problems, spend too much time to make it better. Time is best utilized to preach about the resort to other travelers, tell them about the eternal world, and then we can catch the Garuda express and chant our way back home at the end of life. Whatever the situation is in the station, we simply deal with it, make choices that help others and ourselves, but at the end of the day, the train station is only a temporary pastime, and time will always run out at some point. At the time of death if we don’t board the train back to the eternal resort in the sky and serve Krishna forever, we will catch another train again to some other temporary train station to deal with more illusory problems. Change of heart to love of Krishna is most important. Knowledge helps along the way, but often education will have the effect of making men more clever, as opposed to change of heart and loving God, which is the only ticket to board the Garuda express to go straight to Goloka.

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