The following is my review of the fine debut novel by All Things That Matter Press author, Jerry Scwhartz, Pixels of Young Mueller. This review has been  posted on and

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pixels of young mueller

     I really enjoyed these pixels of a young aspiring artist named Mueller. It is a fact that the modern world is chock full of musicians, writers, and all varieties of artists struggling–asking for the slightest attention to our “real” work, as we “don’t quit our day jobs” yet. I say “our” as I am one such musician, writer, artist myself. I can relate.

     I actually put it in a song of my own, “I want you to see me–I want you to hear me–just another nobody.” But of course we’re not really nobodies. Whether we make it or not we do affect those who come in contact with us, some more, some less. We really do. And some of us will even achieve success as the society of the world measures its artists. Many of us will not.

     Jerry Schwartz tells the story of one of us with an engaging and entertaining style. I liked the presentation, in which the narrator knows very little more than the character knows. So the reader gets the story straight, so to speak, whether it is from Mueller as a pre-schooler, Mueller as a member of the work force, or Mueller the multi-talented artist.

     Does he make it? You’ll have to read it to find out. Well written and relevant, even spiritual in a notably subtle way, I most surely recommend it. Four stars for the very fine debut effort. I think Schwartz is capable of better yet.