I liked this early observation about the structure/style of my novel, Song of George: Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man that Doug Donoughe posted on my facebook wall.

Doug Donoughe

Doug Donoughe I think should reserve judgment until I finish the book, but I just started reading Song of George and I am very impressed. I find its defiant lucidity to be strikingly reminiscent of Joseph Heller’s seminal Catch-22 and I look forward to seeing where it goes from there. The writing coherently submerses me in the madness, allowing me to partake in the thought process of its characters (particularly in the way the story provides information in pieces so that comprehension slowly dawns on the reader rather than providing a matter-of-fact interpretation of an experience which is anything but mundane) without degenerating into mere avant garde (which of course can be brilliant, but is often used as a crutch by others).