Waking God Book One The Jorney Begins

I finished Brian L. Doe and Phillip Harris’ Waking God/Book One/The Journey Begins. Phillip and Deb Harris are the owners of All Things That Matter Press, where my novel Song of George/Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man is being published. Since he’s my publisher, I really wanted to read an example of Phillip’s work, not to mention that I was intrigued by the promo material I had come across on this book, even before I knew about ATTMP. Today, I posted the following review on Amazon.com where i purchased the book.

Fiction with a Mission

Waking God is fiction with a mission. Doe and Harris run down the field and tackle the big questions in Waking God/Book One/The Journey Begins. Herein the world’s biggest culprits become the heroes as they battle not only the religious institutions, with their dogma and hellfire, but the very angels and gods themselves.
Truth is a slippery slide, but the novel’s protagonist, theologian Dr. Andrew, is determined to get it, as his internal battles manifest in an all too real life war of cosmic proportions. It’s refreshing to read a book that is about something. Whether one agrees with the assertions the authors put forth through this medium of fiction or not, the discussion is on the table. They’ve not pulled any punches. An entertaining and provoking book on many levels.