Just wanted to give an update here that my novel, Song of George/Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man is now in the edit stage at All Things That Matter Press.
     As much as I’m enjoying the Blog Tour, I can’t deny that I am looking forward to the possibility of having my own work thrown into the arena, so to speak. 

     Meanwhile, I continue to work on my new novel in progress and also attempt to maintain some level of  proficiency as a musician and thereby keep The Primatives together (the other band members have shown remarkable loyalty and flexibility in allowing me to pursue my goals as a novelist and work with them).
     Then there’s my home recording studio:  BlueHome Recording. Currently recording what promises to be a wonderful little album of original local heritage songs by one of the finest young songwriters in the area, Jordan Umbach. I really think this is going to prove to be his best work yet. 
     Last but not least, there’s my day job that takes me to the far ends of Pittsburgh to the three local Ethan Allen Design Centers.