Unfortunately, these days, probably more than ever before, if one is pursuing artistic endeavors, one is put in the position of having to promote, promote, and self-promote. It’s true for musicians, writers, visual artists, any type of artist. With a great measure of success, perhaps one gets beyond it to a greater or lesser extent… i wouldn’t know.

     i’m saying this because having spent years writing a novel, putting my heart and soul into it, and with it now enroute to becoming a product, i find myself in such a position, perhaps more than ever. True, i have been involved in self-promotion all along, not only in regards to my music with The Primatives, but in the submission process for short stories (excerpts in my case), poetry, and the novel manuscripts themselves. But now it’s become even more necessary, lest my work become just another bubble that forms and pops instantly and quietly into oblivion in the vast ocean of published literature.

     So i’m just asking that my friends, my fans, and my associates in general, bear with me as i make the efforts in this process of trying to inform the world about the existence and merits of my novel and other work. Please don’t find me arrogant, although i don’t claim to possess true humility either. And please don’t find me a bore, as it seems to be a necessary and unavoidable process, one in which i may at times, in my lack of knowledge, pursue innapropriately. Try and try my best i may have some measure of success or i may fail, but it would certainly be a failure, in one sense, if i should lose or annoy my friends and supporters.                         
              As always, i thank you for reading,   jesse s. hanson