Namaste. I was very happy to receive the English translation of this beautiful and inspiring message from the Sant Mat Master, Sirio Ji of Ribolla, Italy. I have edited it slightly for English first language readers and if there are any mistakes in the editing they are mine.

I hope you will also visit the Sant Bani Ashram, Italy website at The website is in Italian but you can easily read most of the material by using a web translator such as|en| The website is just full of information about Sant Mat in general, the work and the teachings of Master Sirio Ji in particular (including a recently added newsletter), as well as a large and always growing number of  photos.

UPDATE as of 01/02/2011: I have just received the link to a beautiful new Hungarian website for disseminating the teachings of Satguru Sirio. The link to the English version of that site is . But there is a flag in the upper right corner to easily switch between Hungarian and English. This site also includes the newsletter, which has a lot of info about Sirio Ji’s retreats and satsangs in Hungary.

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Message for the New Year

 Here we are, surprisingly, [it is] almost staggering, but another year has passed!  Oh what to say about this time, so elusive, so subjective, so changeable, so evanescent.

 The Eternal and the time, the two opposite sides.  Time certainly exists because we all have a clear perception [of it], even if entirely subjective.  The Eternal, how will [it] be like? Yet if we analyze the time with a magnifying glass, we realize that there is not [any] at all. Contradiction?  I would say [not so], if you have the patience to listen. I started writing this message five minutes ago, and yet what is my perception as fact is only the present moment, the five minutes are gone, never to return.  Similarly, in half an hour, maybe, I’m done, but what will be left will only be the present moment of that time and the work done, if I can finish it.  I might even be dead already in half an hour, and then this message would not be completed just as so many other projects of my life. So what would be left would be that moment for those who continue to live it.

 And this now  has always been and always will be, I will pass, you will pass, even the other one; civilizations, eras, continents, solar systems and universes: physical, astral and causal, but this present will always be there because the ‘Eternal is the living present, and the living present is the Eternal.

So time is of the Eternal in His dynamism, movement, action. The Eternal was at first, is now and always will be because it is in the here, in the moment that escapes.  Sant Ji Maharaj said: “Every moment the present becomes the past.” And Sirio adds: “And it is as if there had never been.” Yes, of course, the works are carried out in time, so it was not a hallucination; it is a tangible fact it has left marks.  But how long [do]these signs last? Sooner or later, maybe a hundred, a thousand, or tens of thousands of years—but eventually everything will be deleted. The more  any thing gets close to the Supreme Truth, the more durable it is.  Why, of course, the Truth is precisely the Eternal, and [the] more the created things are deep, genuine and true, the more [they] do approach the Truth by participating in the Sum of His attributes, the longer they last.

 However, 2010 is past, do not argue about this, no more; what remains are the works carried out and the indelible impressions left by them on our mind , our consciousness.  With these we will now have to do because they constitute our  present being.  Fears, delusions, obsessions, lust, attachment, violence, arrogance, vanity, [that] we have developed or dominated  from the inside is what’s left of us.  All this will then go to form what we will be, maybe at the end of this year.

Along the same lines I would also add that what we developed as a virtue or defects in our previous life has led to what we were able to actualize in this life—as well as what we are going to be, at the exhaustion of our breaths in this life, will drive what we can do in our next or future life. So if we have an ounce of brain in the skull should make every possible effort to gain conscious control over the present so that our future will be  the best possible.  If we are negligent  now we will have to tread a thorny path ahead; but if we busy ourselves  and we raise all the thorns from our path, then we can even go barefoot, we will not be hurt. If we’re there doing nothing , everything will be exactly where we left it.

 Therefore, we intelligent seekers of Truth will act with all our abilities, good will, and we will make every effort to make the garden of our souls just [like] a green grass, soft and delicate.  We’ll remove every weed, every bush, every thorn; then we’re going to sit in meditation on that inviting  grass  and we will get into deep Samadhi.

Well, I’m not kidding, I’m serious! This year all the seekers after Truth, will come to all possible retreats; from the start will organize all their vacation days or holidays, to participate in all the retreats.  And you know why? Because  it is during the retreats that the deep work of restoration of the being is being done—not in everyday life.  In everyday life, for the most part, you can [only maintain] the job done [at the retreats].  And [in] that too, few people succeed because they are mostly able to dismantle any structure  done (developed) during the retreats.  Therefore, if you love your self, organize your life so that you may attend at least the April/May, and the August retreats; then, if life will allow, [you can attend] even the short ones that we have on other dates.


 We woke up, we got up, we walked

 in search of Eternal Truth.

 We want to achieve It in this life,

we are tired of living in ignorance.

 That is our motto for the year 2011—not only as an ideal, as hypothesis— but with concrete actions, with an unshakable will to do our best.  May our exalted Satgurus, Sawankirpalajaib,  give us the strength to implement it.

With sincere affection, humbly,


Retreats expected for 2011

3/4/5/6 January                                 Ribolla

 11 / 12 / 13 March                               Budapest

 26/27 March                                         Genova

From April 23 to one in May            Ribolla

21/22 May                                                 Rome

2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / June                                  Transylvania?

9 / 17 July                                                  Budapest

10/21 August                                            Ribolla

 10/11 September                                   Preganziol

 29/30/31 October-November 1     Ribolla

2/3/4 December                                     Budapest

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